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A picture of Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson

Community Care Supervisor

I started working at Corserv Care in 2019, with no previous experience in care. The company has been very supportive of my career and progression, and I have been able to complete my Level 3 in Health and Social Care and am now on a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care apprenticeship. Corserv Care offers flexible working patterns, which has allowed me to balance my work and life.

I am truly valued at Corserv Care, and I would not want to work for any other organisation. The company's values and ethos of giving service users the opportunity to regain independence really match my own. I am passionate about enabling individuals to live their own lives, independently, and I am grateful that Corserv Care allows me to do this.

I have seen the progress that service users can make, and it is very rewarding. Our service users come to us, usually from hospital after a health crisis, or to avoid hospital admission, for short-term reablement. From where they start, not being able to complete tasks without assistance, to our service ending with no further help needed, gives me so much job satisfaction.

I am grateful for the opportunities for progression that Corserv Care offers. I am currently on a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care apprenticeship, and I am excited to see what the future holds. I can honestly say that there is no other organisation I would want to work for other than Corserv Care.

A picture of Sarah Wickett

Sarah Wickett

Service Development Manager

I have held various positions within the company since starting as a homecare assistant in 2006. These include team leader, registered manager of STEPS East, Operational manager and most recently moving into the role of Service Development Manager.

I have always found the company to be very supportive of my career progression and I have been encouraged to complete additional training and qualifications. Alongside a impressive library of available mandatory and development training, I have also obtained widely recognised leadership qualifications, care qualifications and practical qualifications such as first aid and moving and handling.

During my 17 years with the company, I have become a mother of three. I have been able to maintain an excellent work-life balance as I have flexibility with adjustments in my hours, which has enabled us as a family to plan our home life well.

I have always been proud to work with everyone at Corserv Care. Every role or team that I have had the pleasure of working with has been full of kind and compassionate people that do all they can to support the people of Cornwall live better, more independent lives.

A picture of LJ Marley-Chinn

LJ Marley-Chinn

IT Consultant for Community Care Services / TechSupport

I have over five years of experience in the care industry, primarily in customer service and digital processes. I am also passionate about technology and am always learning about new and upcoming trends. I advocate for new ideas that can improve the quality of life.

I joined Corserv Care in 2018 and focused on bridging and long-term packages of care in the community. I then transitioned to our STEPS trading arm in the same capacity, but with a greater focus on reablement care. I found this role to be particularly rewarding.

In addition to my other duties, I also support service developments for new and existing services at Corserv Care. I help train staff to feel confident and competent with the use of existing and new technology. I also identify and pursue opportunities for business growth, development, service improvement, and innovative solutions. I also undertake additional project-based tasks as needed and provide cover for other functional areas within the service.

My role has grown significantly since it was created in December 2022. I am thrilled to be part of a collaborative and diverse organization that is focused on excellence and quality care. These are core principles that I am proud to uphold as an IT Support Lead at Corserv Care. My role is now permanent, and I am honored to be a part of the company's future plans.

A picture of Pat


Service User

Pat lives in Bude and has been using Corserv Care services for nearly a year. Pat, like many, felt that she did not need carers to aid her, but her close friends felt that it was time that she had a little help. Pat has some physical care needs and is the kind of person that never moans and gets on with her day. Pat can feel very anxious and at times this impacts on her quality of life. 

When we agreed to help Pat, her close friend Steph informed us of Pat’s anxieties and let us know that what helps Pat is reassurance. When we started to support Pat, her anxiety was quite prevalent, but since Pat has been receiving regular care with regular carers at planned times, we have seen a big reduction in her anxiety.

We asked Steph to have a chat with Pat to see how she is finding her care. Pat said that “she could not do without the carers as they do everything that she needs, they are excellent.” Pat also stated that “the carers come in every morning on time. This is important to me as I need a routine.” Pat said that she is so pleased that the care was put in place as her health is not as good as it was and she realises that she needs the help. Steph asked if there is anything else we could do to improve the service that she is receiving and Pat’s reply was “No you could not improve it, it is what I need, and the carers are nice.” Pat has said she has one concern and that is “she is getting old“.

Steph - Friend and contact for Pat

“I chose Corserv Care when my father was poorly back in 2014 and I was impressed with the service. I got to know Michaela Bale and the carers well. The communication was extremely professional, as was the approach to care provided. When Pat required help there was no one else I considered. Pat is so happy with the carers and if Pat is happy then so am I. Communication is very good and if there are issues or problems it is quickly resolved.”

“Pat was struggling with her personal care and now looks forward to those morning tasks. Pat also feels so lonely at times but knowing that the carers are coming in early really lifts her spirts. Everyone in Pat’s life is part of her support network and the most important part of making this work efficiently is communication. I feel that Corserv Care communicate clearly and are always available to talk with me about any issues or concerns. At this time, I feel that the service requires no improvement as there is clear communication and warm and friendly staff who are conscientious. Personally, I deal with Michaela and Hayleigh and they are both excellent and I would 100% recommend their service”.